flat bed semi truck hauling car along highwayWe can transfer the title of any vehicle you own, such as a motorcycle, passenger vehicle, truck, tractor or trailer.

All vehicles in the state need to have a title, when you buy or sell a vehicle; a title transfer must take place to allow the Secretary of State office to keep track of who currently owns the vehicle.

Title transfers must take place within 20 business days of the exchange. Some common reasons for title transfers include:

  • Buying a vehicle
  • Selling a vehicle
  • Paying off/adding a loan
  • Transferring a vehicle to a family member
  • Gifting or donating a vehicle
  • Inheriting a vehicle
  • Adding/Removing a name

We process:

  • Duplicate titles
  • Repossessed vehicle titles
  • Corrected Titles
  • Mechanic’s Liens
  • Abandoned Titles
  • Specially Constructed vehicles
  • Bonded Titles