close up of semi truck tiresFor Hire Carriers – If you would like to get paid to haul products that you do not own, you need to apply for operating authority.

There are different authorities you might need.

Interstate Authorities –  This is for freight that will cross one or more state lines by any means of transportation.

The freight may cross a state line by airline, ship, rail, or truck to qualify as interstate.

Common Carrier – For hire interstate carrier that offers to haul freight for the general public without discrimination.

Intrastate Authority – This is for freight that will originate and have a final destination within the borders of one state. It will not cross a state line. Each state has the right to require a license or certificate of Authority.

Broker of Property – This is required to accept freight from a shipper and arrange for delivery with a trucker. A Broker of Property does not touch the freight.