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Toys for Tots and staff

Carmine Sabatini


Carmine was born on May 2nd, 2010.  He was named after Marlon Brando in the movie “The Freshman”.  Marlon Brando played a mob figure named Carmine Sabatini.  Carmine likes to dress for success.  He has an extensive collection of bow ties.  Although he is in charge of the security team, he is often caught sleeping on the job.  His favorite part of the work day is lunch time.


Emily Sabatini

Emily SabatiniEmily was born on October 30th, 2006.   At that time, she was our fifth English bulldog and is now our oldest.  She is quite a little lady.  She wears pearl necklaces and flower headbands every day.  Emily spends most of her time sleeping on the couch in Michele’s office.  Please don’t be surprised, if you are on the phone or in a conference in our office, and hear really loud snoring or barking as Emily has impeccable timing!  She will come out for cookies and if you are really lucky, you will get a glimpse of her gold tooth.  She broke a tooth years ago and her crown is gold.  We call it her grill.

Carmine and Emily are both dedicated executives.  They love to come to work every day.  Customers indulge their passion for cookies.  If Carmine and Emily were to play “good cop, bad cop”, Emily would be the bad cop.  However, what Emily lacks in customer service skills, she more than makes up in singing abilities.  She sings on demand for cookies.  Carmine will greet you at the door with his warm friendly customer service skills – he literally drools for each customer.  He is very generous with high fives also.  Together, they are a perfect couple.

Michele Sabatini

MICHELE AT MESSY DESKI am the president and founder of Safety Support Services, Inc. I would like to tell you a little about myself and how I began our company.  I began working with our family trucking company for about ten years.  During this time, I worked in each department and learned every aspect of the trucking operation.  I left and worked briefly at a trailer repair company but quickly settled into a motor carrier safety department.  This carrier spent a fortune to formally train me in the area of DOT Compliance.  I loved safety, but had the entrepreneurial spirit.  I started Safety Support Services, Inc. in November of 1993 in a corner of my basement.

Although I am capable of providing all services that we offer, I have my own area of expertise.  I am very grateful to have a great staff, each person has a specialty focus and is ready to serve you with a smile.  We continually change and improve our internal procedures to better serve you.

I specialize in Corporations, Authorities and Fuel Tax.  I usually begin speaking with a client that is thinking about starting a business.  We discuss pros and cons, d.b.a.’s, Corporations, LLC’s, authorities, permits, insurance, probable expenses, regulatory issues, titles, 2290’s, plates, permits and fuel taxes.  On a quarterly basis, I finalize all fuel taxes, prior to electronic filing. Annually, in February and March, I, along with everyone else in the office, focus on IRP Plate renewals.  I am also responsible for Safety Support Service’s own internal administrative support in the areas of payroll, taxes and accounting (these are not services we offer others).

I am a longstanding member of the Illinois Trucking Association, National Rifle Association, and Parkview Christian Church.

Louis ‘Skip’ Sabatini

SkipI am the corporate Secretary and co-founder of Safety Support Services, Inc.  I pick up and deliver all Illinois titles and base plates daily to the local Secretary of State office.  I am also responsible for expedited services in March.  I travel to and from Springfield every other day (and sometimes daily) to benefit the IRP renewal process.

I am a member of the Society of Broadcast Engineers, Chicago Radio Club of America, National Rifle Association and New Beginnings Church. I also regularly attend Parkview Christian Church.


Kim Roche


In 1992 I began my career in the trucking industry.  In the last 21 years I have worked for FAR Transportation Services, Inc., Safety Support Services, Inc., Hammer Express, and Roadlink USA.

I began with log-auditing and was promoted to supervisor of the Safety department in 1994.  My expertise includes driver qualification, logs, fuel tax, vehicle maintenance record-keeping, driver orientation, hazmat training, drug and alcohol testing, and organizing safety meetings.

When I decided to stay home after the birth of my first child I worked from home for Hammer Express auditing logs.  When my third and final child turned two, I returned to Roadlink USA (previously FAR Transportation) working part-time processing fuel tax.

The entire time I was helping other companies, I stayed on with Safety Support on a part-time basis, working nights and weekends. I started with Michele as a log-auditor at Safety Support when she first opened in 1993.  I worked in the basement office for seven years.  Throughout the years I have worked nights and weekends for Safety Support in various departments.

My experience allows me to help our customers in any area they require assistance.


Adriana Murillo


I’m an expert with titles, base plates, sales tax and Heavy Highway Taxes (2290).  I have over two years of experience processing titles, plates and sales tax documents while working at a small used car dealership.  My main responsibilities at Safety Support Services Inc. are titles, Illinois base plates and sales tax documents. I prepare title and plate applications for all vehicles from sports cars to tractors and semi-trailers, motorcycles to homemade trailers, and transfers to expedited titles. I work with dealers and finance companies to quickly obtain the proper documents and legal titles. Out-of-State titles are possible as well. Call me with any of your titling and license plate concerns. Let us take care of it for you!

Jamie Steele


I specialize in opening new IRP accounts with Illinois Secretary of State. I can also complete any supplement transactions to your IRP accounts such as adding or transferring trucks, address changes, reclass, or any other change you may need throughout the year.  I also enter mileage and fuel data for fuel tax purposes. I attend Parkview Christian Church with my family.

Pam King

PAMAfter 9 years with Safety Support Services, Inc.,  I chose to retire. Less than a year later, I decided to return.   I am now part-time support staff working behind the scenes on fuel tax and limited IRP supplements servicing several specific accounts. I am a member of New Beginnings Church.