For Hire Carriers If you would like to get paid to haul products that you do not own, you need to apply for operating authority. There are different authorities you might need.

Interstate Authorities –  This is for freight that will cross one or more state lines by any means of transportation.  The freight may cross a state line by airline, ship, rail, or truck to qualify as interstate.

Common Carrier – For hire interstate carrier that offers to haul freight for the general public without discrimination.

Contract Carrier – For hire interstate carrier that has contracts with select shippers under contract.

Intrastate Authority – This is for freight that will originate and have a final destination within the borders of one state. It will not cross a state line. Each state has the right to require a license or certificate of Authority.

Broker of Property – This is required to accept freight from a shipper and arrange for delivery with a trucker. A Broker of Property does not touch the freight.



It is not mandatory to incorporate before getting license plates, however, it is a wise business decision.  Corporations protect you from losing your personal assets (car, home, personal savings) in the event of a major accident or legal judgments.

If you are a sole-proprietor (individual), you are eligible to incorporate and receive corporate protection and tax perks.

We can incorporate your small business overnight (during regular business days).  Corporations include a federal identification number issued to your new business, state fees, service fees and an S-Corp election.  By completing the S-Corp election forms, you are telling the government that you will not be double taxed as a new corporation.  You have a small window of opportunity to file this form, so it is wise to have us prepare it for you.